Washington Nationals Will Do Better This Year

It is no doubt that last season the Washington Nationals (Nats) were amongst the most upsetting teams in baseball. They got into the season with huge expectations, but failed to sniff even a playoff-berth. It was indeed an embarrassing last season for them. This season they will provide a different experience so buy you Washington Nationals Tickets ASAP!

But the Nats’ day has arrived at last. In plain 7 hours, Denard Span would step forward to face Dillon Gee, and the tenth season in Nats history would be underway. As was the instance last year, the Washington Nationals still have high expectations. They may only hope to really live up to such expectations this time round. And for those who cover the team may only expect to have a great read of effects than they did 1 year ago at this period, when they all predicted better things, just to be proven so wrong. Not something they can brag about coming into this season.

However, predictions are what people do, and they are not going to be upset by their past failures. They are taking other cracks at it this time, with different reporters predicting all kinds of outcomes for the 2014 Washington Nationals, individually and collectively.

The Nats finished only 4 games out of the 2nd wild-card spot. It is just that they played from behind throughout the season and never critically challenged the final playoff teams. From that fact, it is easy to observe why very many individuals did not notice the Washington Nationals go 32-16 in their final 48 games – this was their best baseball record in that season.

So they can build-off that and return back to the point they were two years ago, when they featured the most excellent record in baseball.
This season’s probable lineup of the Washington National may include:

Denard Span (CF), Bryce Harper (LF), Ryan Zimmerman (3B), Jayson Werth (RF), Wilson Ramos (C), Anthony Rendon (2B), Ian Desmond (SS) and Adam LaRoche (1B).

The substitutes will probably include: Jose Lobaton (C), Tyler Moore (1B/OF), Danny Espinosa (2B), Scott Hairston (OF) and Nate McLouth (OF).

The team enters this time as a lot more serious than what they were in the last season. Even though the team seems to lack a big bopper kind in the center of the order, consider Harper prepared to take the leap. He has been in the dugouts for a while but is expected to take this team to a new performance level.