The Dallas Cowboys: An Overview of the Team

The Dallas Cowboys play in the eastern division of the NFL (National Football League), and are perennially one of the most exciting teams to watch. They have a larger budget than any other football team in the country. The Cowboys headquarters is located in Valley Ranch in Irving, Texas. Visit Dallas Texas and get your Cowboys tickets today!

The team plays its home games in its home stadium the “AT&T Stadium” in the city of Arlington, Texas found in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan region. Fondly known as Jerry’s World, the stadium boasts of state of the art facilities and a capacity of up to 80 000 people. It’s one of the most admired sporting stadiums from all across the world.

Short history

The team’s national fame might be well represented by its NFL followings or records of total home sell outs.

The Dallas Cowboy sold outs started in the year 1990 where they had a streak of 160 sold out post season games and also included seventy nine sell outs at Texas stadium-their former home and also eighty one total sell out on the road.

The Dallas Cowboys also lead for having the most Super Bowl appearances. The franchise is the only NFL team to have scored a total of 20 consecutive winning seasons – from 1966 to 1985. This record puts them in an enviable position, one that would take some time and effort to be surpassed by any other team in the running. They missed the play offs only twice and that is 1974 and 1984. However, their NFL record has never been challenged. They continue to remain dominant.

Dallas Cowboys’ net worth

According to Forbes magazine, the Dallas Cowboys Club is actually the 2nd highest most valued sporting team in the United States of America.

It comes after the New York Yankees and number five in the world with an estimated net worth of approximately a whooping USD 1.2 billion. The franchise is also the richest team in the NFL with an annual income of USD 269 million.

Super bowl MVPs

The Dallas Cowboys Club has the most Super Bowls MVPS with seven victories:

Some of the championships that they have won are;

• The linebacker Chuck Howley-Super Bowl V
• Quarterback Roger Stauchbach- Super Bowl V I
• Defensive tackle defensive end Harvey martin and Randy White- Super Bowl XII
• Quarterback Troy Aikman-Super Bowl XXVII
• Running back Emit smith-Super Bowl XXVIII

All in all, they seem to be well on course for another strong season.