Watch the Book of Mormon live

There is nothing that beats having an opportunity to be able to watch the Book of Mormon live so get your cheap tickets for Book of Mormon ¬†online today! A number of cast members are making their Broadway debut including Ben Platt playing the role of Elder Cunningham and Syesha Mercado playing the role of Nabulungi. Some of the ensemble members are also making their debut including Stephen Christopher Anthony and Terren Wooten Clarke. Nic Roleau was more than thrilled when he found out he was going to be taking on the role of Elder Price again for the Book of Mormon Broadway musical. He was a stand-in for the role until they decided he was really fit for the role that they made him full time for it. He performed in other tours like Toy Story: The Musical as Woody and King David at the Skirball Center as Jonathan. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in music at NYU Steinhardt.

The show is such a hit and the stakes are so high that the organizers cannot afford to have anything or anyone that do not fit the bill. Everything is very meticulously planned and taken care of and this is why it manages to remain fresh in the minds of people who watch it for the second time.

The new standby Elder Price is good looking as KJ Hippensteel. He is a proud member of the AEA and a graduate of the Wright State University. Stuart Thompson is the executive producer of the Book of Mormon and he has also produced a lot of other shows including The History Boys, The Color Purple and The Addams Family. There are 10 producers for the musical because they are all aware of how successful this Broadway stage play can be. The list includes Roger Berlind, Roy Furman, Anne Garefino and Jean Doumanian. The musical is directed by Casey Nicholaw and Trey Parker. Trey Parker is actually the co-creator of the hit TV series, South Park along with Matt Stone. The show is now on its 16th season and has won 4 Emmy awards. They also released a South Park movie that earned worldwide recognition and even an Oscar nomination that it rightfully deserved.

Such adulation and accolades can only mean one thing. When you have a successful book that is rightly adapted into a play having a mix of fine and seasoned actors along with incredible music then it has a very good chance of being widely accepted by the general audience.