Baltimore Orioles Star Players

The Baltimore Orioles are a professional baseball team based in America located in Baltimore, Maryland. Baltimore Orioles tickets have been on sale recently because the franchise has been struggling. They have also gone through a series of changing names which has been influenced by their location i.e. Milwaukee Brewers when they were in Milwaukee in Wisconsin and also St. Louis Browns when they were in St.Louis. Their name has also been used by other Baseball clubs in earlier major leagues.

The Baltimore Orioles have several star players in the team, for example, Manuel Arturo Machado, who was called upon to play third base in the team. He has an exemplary record and has played in his defensive position which has amounted to the glory of the team by winning awards. In 2013 he had twenty two defensive runs made the team to top in the American league. He is just twenty one years old thus giving the team more hope in his young age. The shining star in the team, Machado, has set a promising benchmark and looks well on his way to become one of the greatest baseball players of all time.

Another star player in the team is Adam Jones who is a center fielder. He has been awarded two golden gloves. His power in holding his bat makes him a solid center fielder irrespective of him not being a good jumper. He has become a leader in the team. Jones is hitting .296/.324/.501. His 2.5 fWAR is positioned number six among all American League center fielders. He is possibly the most fearful players that the opposition needs to watch out for.

Nelson Cruz is another key important star player in Baltimore Orioles. His nine years of experience helps him always stay on top of his game. He has pushed his battling to an average of .297. In his multi effort he has led his team in scooping numerous awards in the past few seasons.

Chris Davis is their first baseman. He has led thirty seven home runs. He is an all strength player and often referred to as ‘super hero’ by the Orioles. Make no mistake about this nickname. It’s been coined for a very valid reason. This is because many of his hits end up over the fence. His strength in clearing the field is known to all. It’s also the reason why is a very handy team member since he can come in and do the big hitting when the situation demands. His presence in Baltimore Orioles gives the team hope of maintaining a lead in the American League.